Frequently Asked Questions


General Enquiries:

Navigate to our official and only website and select Register. You would need to fill in the required boxes correctly, agree to the Privacy Policy & Terms of use and create your account. An email will be sent to you upon successful completion.

SpiralTrust offers full guarantee and insurance protection on all user assets invested, this ensures that capital can never be lost by the investor during the trading. Compounding plans are registered with our partner insurance company to protect all invested capital and current accumulated profit.

fund your account,

1. Sign in to your SpiralTrust account, if you see a prompt to set up a payment method, use the prompt to update your digital wallet address and save.

2. Click on the Deposits dropdown menu, Click on Deposit Funds, Click on proceed to deposit, enter the deposit amount and select the desired payment mode, Click proceed to make payment.

3. Send an equivalent amount of Digital currency according to your deposit choice to the address generated. Expect to receive a confirmation mail within 2 hours after the confirmation of deposit.

1. Sign in to your SpiralTrust account, if you see a prompt to set up a payment method, use the prompt to update your digital wallet address and save, if you have completed deposit proceed to the next step, if your deposit is pending, contact support.

2. Click on the dropdown investments, click on Invest, Select your preferred investment plan & proceed to enter the amount of your investment.

3. Proceed to invest.

After the activation of your investment, SpiralTrust will start trading activity immediately, the first profit is added to your account exactly in 24 hours after plan activation.

The minimum amount of investment is $1000. For more information, check the investment options page.

Proceed to invest.

>Withdrawal Questions

You can withdraw your profit everyday if the plan of choice support daily withdrawal. For more information about the plan structure click Here

Yes, we make it possible to use the compound feature even on the Edge plans. To use this feature, go to the investments page, select compound beside the plan, your current profit will be added to current investments.

SpiralTrust handles automated withdrawals through options of Bitcoin(BTC), Tether(USDT) & Ethereum(ETH). Manual withdrawals can be requested for bank transfer and or other payment methods.

Security Questions

SpiralTrust employs high level Traders with experience and expertise, the traders are responsible for the security of all invested digital assets and ensure there are no losses on the part of the client.

SpiralTrust is protected also by industry leading security protocols and insurance partners who are responsible for the protection of users assets.

The Role of SpiralTrust is to offer profit return from trading activities, the company employs expert traders who are trained in various fields, the investments are diversified in the field of Cryptocurrencies, Options trading, CFDS, Commodities, Stock, Shares and Bonds.

It is through the diversification of the trading funds & general trading of these assets that money is made and profit return is guaranteed.

The risk level on you (the investor) is ZERO, however the risk level on the company and on your Trade Manager is 100%, the investor maintains a relationship with the company that is generally protected by insurance.

In the case of trade loss, accident, or In the worst case scenario, the investor will be refunded his full capital. Any loss recorded by the company is borne only by the company.

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